Mr. Mohamed Ali

Our Student Teacher for the Second half of the school year

Presented May 6, 2024

Mr. Mohamed Ali's first presentation while in control of the whole class from beginning to end.

Lesson 1: Analyzing Norman Rockwell’s Artwork
Unveiling Social Narratives: Exploring Social Commentary Through Kara Walker's Art

This slide show is also on a new website I created, to see if students can see it on their laptops in full-screen mode.

Monochromatic Abstraction
Copy2 of Creative Emphasis: Exploring Character Strengths Through Art
Exploring Contrast in Art
Haythem's Difference
Exploring Cultural Values through the Art of Frida Kahlo

Since 6th Grade Students missed a week of school, due to the School in the Park, this slide show was created for the discrepancy in the continuity.

SIPT_2023 - 2024 Daily Objectives_post-SITP
Re-Teach learning activity_Critiquing Art

This presentation demonstrates how to critique a work of art, including examples of questions pertaining to the four topics of Critique: 1. Composition, 2. Analysis, 3. Symbolism and 4. Interpretation.