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Disney Music One, Motown Instrumental | Jazz 2, 3, 4, 5 | L'indécis | Fkj Live in Paris, acoustic guitar | FKJ +1, 2, 3, 4, |Meditative Beats
PD for me. SDUSD Student Art (end of year Slides)

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Here are a few of my favorite links, including free digital apps for producing vector and raster images, as well as links you may need to navigate your way around Clark Middle School, as well as District Links, like a "1-Stop Shop for Educators."

Educator Updates 10/05/22 |

Logo for SCPA
Click the logo to visit SCPA's website

Best free Vector Software (list/links to each)?Favorite Free Raster? (Digital Draw/Paint)
IncredibleArt Middle Lessons

image of the Vectr logo
Vectr is an online vector editor (like Adobe Illustrator). We use this to make logos for vinyl stickers.
PowerSchool yellow icon for Summer School program
Drawtify logo
Krita is an open-source paint program that one of my students showed me. Download the newest version here.
ibis paint app icon
Another paint program students use is ibis Paint
Photopea looks and works like an older version of Photoshop
IT logo for SDUSD
image of my Zoom Screen Portrait
Link: "Draw-So-Cute" site (videos on how to draw th cartoons behind my portrait).

Foundations for Drawing Cartoons for Animation [LinkedIN]
PD for me. SDUSD Student Art (end of year Slides)
District initiatives & resource supports
SDUSD Staff Welness | VeBA Resources (Classes)

What are the Different Media, & how are they made?

  1. Colored Pencils

  2. What Our Doodles Mean?

A few useful links Clark Middle School:

Image of the Syllabus to click on and download
Click the image to download
image of the "InfoSheet" to click and download
Click the image to download

Visual Arts Critical Concepts Matrix (VAPA)

Serie-Golo, is one of the most sophisticatedly simple-looking cartoon illustrators from France. 1, 2, 3, 4, Character-Design (girls), Artist Trading Card Ideas.