This link opens a Google Doc with Totem (Spirit animals) and Mascots for High School & College Sports. And here's a great list of Model Sheets. Additional Model Sheets on Pinterest.

Step-by-Step Warm-Up Drawings is a frequently updated list of links from the warm-ups we do at the beginning of class each day, to get the creative juices flowing.

The Etherington Brothers have an incredible site for learning every aspect of Cartooning and Comics, as well as another bunch of tutorials. I'm not sure if Pinterest works at school, but try this link for a few ideas to draw.

This website is a great (out of print) resource for learning How to draw Cartoons.

Interested in a career in Cartooning? Check out this article.

Encyclopedia of Cartooning Techniques
Crave Painting Logo
Drawing Habit
Baby Blues is one of my favorite comic strips. This video interview details how the two Cartoonists met, and began collaborating.