This is a link to a Pinterest Page for the topic of "Zentangle," which I have been adding samples to for several years. I'm not sure if SDUSD has blocked this on our school site, so check it out at home.

This Instagram page, (@brainmassage) has examples of patterns, including video demonstrating techniques in Zentangle ideas.

This etsy site shows one example of how an Artist sells a Zentangle piece as a digital download for 99 cents.

Here're some ideas for what to do with your Zentangles, when you've mastered several of them.

In case you're wondering how some of these topics covered in class are relevant (meaningful) to you, from time-to-time I will add links to Artists I call "Heroes" in the middle of lessons. Ase Balko's Instagram is one example of an Artist whose work I have seen and saved to my Pinterest Pages on the topic of "Zentangle," which you will learn about this year, if you haven't had my class before.

One of the habits I want us to get into is what I call "Deliberate Doodling." Here's a link to a site that has twenty-five ideas for filling up your sketchbooks with doodles and Patterns.

This etsy site link is an example of an Illustrator sharing a digital download coloring book, which means you're purchasing a digital file to print and color (or open up in and color).

The optical Illustion project for hands made from parallel lines can be found here.

You can even do patterns of Keith Haring's iconic illustrations.

By the brilliant Pattern-Designer, Mario. 5/29/24

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