Peers' & Pro's Sites

A.K.A., "Hero's Sites" (Heroes are Illustrators, Artists and Educators I admire)

As I stumble across examples of websites while searching for Lesson ideas, I bookmark these on my laptop, but I thought, "Why not share them with everyone else?" So here you go:

  • PPLLUV Process, by Von Glitschka (his YouTube channel), who's videos take you through an entire systematic approach to design and illustration. As a result, you’ll glean helpful information you can use in your workflow and grow your skills professionally.

  • Jim Lee is the penultimate comic book Artist (imho); YouTube channel with his work.

  • Kevin Keele is an artist living in Utah who works for Disney Interactive Studios/Avalanche. I came across his unique characterizations on Pinterest, saving it here to learn his style.

  • Jackie Druojko is an Animator, looking for work, using LinkedIN (her posting was noted by a friend of mine in the animation industry, and I loved her work so here it is.

  • Craig Driscoll is the father of one of my students. I haven't met him, but am hoping to get an interview with him, and possibly ask him to do a presentation in one of my classes, as he is a working professional. (added 5/18/22)

  • Ronald Reichmann's Illustrations are a great example of cartoon animals playing sports, which students can reference for the "TrojAnimals" project.

  • Lillian Grey is aSouthAfrican Artist & Art Teacher. YouTube channel.

  • Mercedes Crespo, (A.K.A. "Yema Yema") is a freelance Illustrator. She has a very unique style, best suited to teach how to use basic shapes as building blocks for simple cartoons (hers get pretty complex, though).

  • Russ Cox' "Smiling Otis," site + links to his sketchbook, including sketches of animals like this turtle, bear, dogs, pigs, owls, etc. [lessons on his YouTube]

  • Preston Blair's, "How to Animate for Film Cartoons," is a classic. This link is to the book, so you don't have to buy it.

  • Huge site for Model Sheets, "Living Lines Library." (Click on a movie, then the Character Development).

  • Art P.R.E.P. (Parent-Run Education Program), at Oak Ridge Elementary School, [Download PDF]

  • Lillian Grey is an Art Teacher from South Africa: check out her page on "The Elements and Principals : Shape, Form, (added Nov. 1, 2021)

  • Comix Well Spring will print your comic books. They also sell supplies for making comics, and have tutorials.

  • I stumbled across Ms. Amsler's Art Room on Oct. 17th, while researching our latest project, a Mosaic Mural. I'm saving it here for easy reference (as I plan to steal, er, borrow ideas from her site for future projects).

Restorative Justice Practices Links

  1. "Affective Statements" Presentation Link (3/23/2022)