Peers' & Pro's Sites

A.K.A., "Hero's Sites" (Heroes are Illustrators, Artists and Educators I admire)

As I stumble across examples of websites while searching for Lesson ideas, I bookmark these on my laptop, but I thought, "Why not share them with everyone else?" So here you go:

Websites you can use to learn

Restorative Justice Practices Links

small masthead graphic for Michael Jantze
This is a link to Michael Jantze's Patreo page; it's a great example of self-promotion.
Teddy Bear icon
Jared Cullem LinkTree
Icon of Audity Draws

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ron Leishman's toon-a-day site on my decision to become a Teacher.

icon/image: WebToon
WebToon YouTube
Cartoon of Rodgon the Artist
Click the image to go to RodgontheArtist's YouTube.
image of a pink gorilla cartoon
Daryl Young's site
icon "Let's Be Frank" linking to a podcast
Link to my son-in-law's Podcast