Issues in the Arts

Elements of Art & Principles of Design Posters, from

What is Copyright, and why should we care?

Artificial Intelligence Sites: Replit (A Site, "where builders come to bring their software and app ideas to life, fast, ahowcasing builders and software they created and deployed on Replit.).

A.I. apps are popping up all over. Students looking for mascot art stumbled across Craiyon, which is an Art-based artificial intelligence website

How Google has integrated A.I. and changing the way we work.

Want to waste hours, watching others be creative on this cool Instagram page?

Pixar StoryTelling Unit, on (added 230228t1234) We will definitely be utilizing this, when we complete the school year drawing and creating Graphic Shorts. Computing with Pixar (base site on kahnacademy.)

Students Can Quote ChatGPT in Essays: International Qualification Body

Really cool site to view and order InfoGraphics (Charts, Graphs, Illustrations). 

image: logo for AI Art Generator, "crAIyon"
Arts Empower Logo
A collective impact initiative working to improve and support arts education in
San Diego County

Image=Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness, 2022-2023
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I am not bilingual; I used Google Translate to communicate this for you.
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No soy bilingüe; Utilicé Google Translate para comunicarte esto. 

Google Street Art Logo, from Arts & Culture Site
Google Arts & Culture Site
Cool Animated iPhone Commercial