Your Frivolity page represents the most useless of activities that no-one but you would be interested in; but you might be surprised. I recently re-discovered an old blog our 6th-grade "Wheel" class did in 2016 which we called, "The Second Dullest Blog in the World," based on "The Dullest Blog in the World," by Dave Walker.  (Both are on this page, below) Other frivolous stuff? Links to games and random videos that are also likely only of interest to you. Here are some examples.

As a perfect example of frivolity, in 2019, one of my students (most likely Vanessa Castro, the President of the Pun Club at CPMA), stumbled across a site called, "The Dullest Blog in the World." I used it as an example of how easy it is to make a blog. I updated it this morning (first time in 4 years, as I'd completely forgotten about The Second Dullest Blog in the World. 

After explaining what the Frivolity page is on our websites, one of my students "Rick-Rolled" me on hers, so I had to add it to mine. Because, y'know... Rick-Roll.
One of my daughters is a dog-trainer; she trained her dog, "Dash" (short for "Balderdash") how to pick up dirty clothes and put them into the open washing machine. is a site where this young man finds & shares weird stuff on the web.

Students are all about "SKIBIDI" all the sudden.

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This is my son-in-law's Podcast about Benjamin Franklin.
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