Stereotype: "a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. "the stereotype of the woman as the care-giver" · "sexual and racial stereotypes" synonyms: typecast · pigeonhole · conventionalize · standardize · categorize · compartmentalize · label · tag · stock · conventional · stereotypical · conventionalized · standardized · standard · formulaic · predictable · hackneyed · clichéd · cliché-ridden · banal · trite · platitudinous · unoriginal · derivative · overused · overworked · well worn · stale · tired

Perhaps the best example of stereotyping is the line of figurines, called, "Homies."
Did you collect them? If so, bring them into class and we can use them for examples to draw.

Cartoonists and Illustrators use stereotypes as a visual "short-cut" to give clues to the viewer as quickly as possible, to identify gender, race, ethnicity, etc., which can be seen as objectionable.

Except in the extremes, most of the negative aspects of Cartooning today are unintentional.