Totem Links

This is a listing of all the Totems from the "Spirit Animal," quiz. After taking the quiz, click on the links below, to practice drawing variations of your Spirit (Totem) animal. Note: the mascot links are for reference only, as they are copyrighted images, so they're  only to be used for inspiration). Mr. Wing's reminder to himself: Keep It Simple, Student (And yes, I still think of myself as a student...) (like Sandra Boynton). "100+ Character Model Sheets from Animated Movies," Character Design Model Sheets (Pinterest), or Cartoon Mascot Illustrations on -- or a little more complex, like this site for Animated Character Design References. (Note: the numbers that follow each entry are my particular favorites; this is an on-going feature.) 

One of my "heroes" is a professional Cartoonist named Ron Leishman; for the past several decades he's sat at home in his studio creating "Microstock," (also known as Clip Art), selling these cartoons on to multiple professional stock illustration sites. The links below marked, "R.L." are links to his samples of as many of these totem/spirit animals as I could find using Google.
(all the links labeled, "poses" are black & white line drawing links from Google)

More Disney Model Sheets from the Animation Resources website | World Cup Soccer Mascots |
Free Vector Graphics download, Mascots playing: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Tennis, 

SOS Factory icon
Click this image to see an example of how an individual Cartoonist uses his skill to create mascots for tee shirts and other products, like this soccer player.& Bird
Character Design Reference logo
Amazingly deep and long listing of Cartoon Illustrators, including the Artist of the Week feature, like Nico Marlet

The Gesture Fest is a great resource for beginning to draw your cartoons in action. Click the link to the left, to see details in the larger image.

*In some cases, animals & mascot links are for similar creatures, like fairies instead of butterflies, or this HorseFly