Daily Objectives 2022 - 2023
If you ever miss writing down the Daily Objectives you can look here, write them down and get them stamped for credit. The previous objectives will be added to this slide show, as well as an Index linking the previous dates. [2 hours of Blues] Detention?


Welcome to Clark Middle School's Art page. My name is Mr. Wing, and I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade Art. If you've visited this page before, I moved some things around, and have added a few layers of pages, primarily those pages of former students. Current Students' sites are listed here.

Special Shout-Out to Blick Art Supplies

Mosaic Contest

We are accepting ideas for a mosaic mural on the library. This is open to all students at Clark Middle School. Draw your ideas up and send them by clicking on the image above, Make sure to include your name, Student ID # and what grade you're in.
This video demonstrates how to photograph and upload your design ideas to the Google Drive folder. You can also bring it by Room 203, and I will photograph it for you.
This mural is sponsored by:
posterized portrait of Jay Wing, links to theJayWing.com
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