Daily Objectives
If you ever miss writing down the Daily Objectives you can look here, write them down and get them stamped for credit. The previous objectives will be added to this slide show, as well as an Index linking the previous dates. [2 hours of Blues] Detention?

Disney Music One, Motown Instrumental | Jazz 2, 3, 4, 5 | L'indécis
Fkj Live in Paris, acoustic guitar | FKJ +1, 2, 3, 4, | Meditative Beats
PD for me. SDUSD Student Art (end of year Slides)
PrimeTime/Saturday School Google Classroom Code: esgdyne


The National Anthem, sung by students from across the United States.
High School Seniors graduating in 2021 Sing it in
this video too.

Note: the name "Andrew Stewart Dent" is a made-up name, which I use in my classes for examples, primarily file-naming conventions, for files. and folders in Google Drive. (i.e. Project_aStudent8_p1)
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